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MineCraft: Is It One Of The Most Popular Computer Games?


About the Game: The game is developed by Mojang and published by both Sony and Microsoft. It is a widely popular game known for its creative and architectural aspect. Here, the players build constructions from textures cubes in a different 3D world generated by the program. The challenges at each level are amazing. It has a huge fan base and tons of players in different age groups who swear by the game. Its popularity and the number of games sold makes it the second best coming after Tetris.


The Game: The core aspect of the game is to build. It is generally played in the first person with no actual goals to meet. This allows the player the freedom to decide what and how to build. There are various features such as trees, logs, stone, water, lava etc. which can be removed or replaced to create your own world.


The game itself is played out in different scenarios such as deserts, snowlands etc. and you are to navigate yourself through the terrain all the while encountering various non- player characters. Some of these like non- hostile animals can be used as food and others like spiders or zombies need to be tackled.Minecraft can be played in two other dimensions as well such as the Nether and the End. The Nether takes you through a “hellish’ experience making you travel great distances whereas the End introduces you to the


Dragon that rules it. Slaying this dragon ends the game. The game can be played in four modes – survival, adventure, creative and spectator modes. It also allows you different difficulty level settings. It is one of the most entertaining and occupying computer games in existence. There is a no age barrier as anyone who can handle a computer can learn the rules of the game quite easily. If you were to go about rating this game, we would put it high up for the creativity.

Corsa Racer

Real Cars

More than 750 real, licensed perfectly designed and handling cars to choose from.

Corsa Racer

Real Tracks

Drive through mofre than 2000 licensed race tracks, accurate street circuits, dirt trials.

Corsa Racer

Real Players

Connect and compete against real people and players in the multiplayer races.


Corsa Racer

Update 5.0.5

  • 10 New Cars added to the inventory
  • Multiplayer response times made better
  • New area/race-format unlocked
  • City mods unlocked
  • Graphics patch released
  • New engines unlocked




Physics Engine







Corsa Racer

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Corsa Racer

Million Downloads

Corsa Racer


Corsa Racer