Intense concentration spells can result in migraines. If left untreated, these migraines can increase in intensity and duration. This will take a toll on the person. Several times, bad hygiene is also seen in people suffering from addictions.

Computer Games and Addiction


Game Addictions are a very real problem today. While, it is yet to be classified as a disorder, there a quiet a few cases that are reported. In studies undertaken, 10-15% of people are affected by an addiction to playing games.


What Is The Addiction:Computer games can be classified based on a number of categories like puzzles, adventures, sci-fi and so on. There are individual goals to each game played like rescuing a damsel in distress or reaching a certain galaxy or solving a puzzle to reach the end of a game. In most of the cases, what really causes the addiction is urge to play against others and try to get better scores than the other gamers.


Addiction and the indications:Typically, anybody suffering from an addiction problem, displays certain symptoms. It is important to recognize these at an early stage and treat it. This can prevent major problems if addressed at the right time. These symptoms may be as follows:The person displays a strong obsessive urge to play the computer games. Feeling of a restlessness or irritability when unable to play.The person is constantly dogged by thoughts of playing and achieving the next target.A habit of lying when asked about the time spent on the computer playing gamesAvoiding friends or isolating oneself in order to play or catch up with the lost games.


Does this addiction cause Physical Issues? Yes they most certainly do. There are a number of physical problems caused as a result of such addictions.Severe exhaustion is the first symptom arising from long hours spent in front of the computer.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the other physical strain that is normally seen in such gamers. There is a huge amount of strain on the shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers especially when you spend long hours on the computer. This can also result in a strain in the eyes causing vision problems.Intense concentration spells can result in migraines. If left untreated, these migraines can increase in intensity and duration. This will take a toll on the person.Several times, bad hygiene is also seen in people suffering from addictions. They do not give importance to hygiene while spending the available time in gaming sessions.


Repercussions:Just like all addictions or problems, there are short term and long term effects of such addiction. Short term effects as mentioned above may seem temporary or unnoticeable. However, if these are ignored, this manifests into bigger problems with time. For instance, when sleep issues or food intake is ignored, over a long period, you end up sleep related issues or gut related problems. Also, another problem typically seen is that such addicts tend to isolate themselves and in the long run are left with very little people to socialize. Check out this website https://www.ilikecheats.net/fps/team-fortress-2-hacks/ for further details about Computer Games. However, the main issues in the long term are academic, financial and job-related. Many people begin to ignore their studies and this results in falling grades and low esteem. Similarly, computer games are quite expensive- peripherals, accessories to enhance the gaming experience, and the internet connection to improve speed. This puts quite a bit of pressure on people without jobs.


Can it be cured? All addictions can be cured with a little help and adequate amounts of self-control. We would strongly suggest that you take the help like a friend or family be taken to get over this kind of addiction. There are a lot of small programs with steps to recover from such addictions. The first step would be to spend lesser time playing these games and occupying yourself with something more constructive. While medications are given for addictions, it should be taken only with the advice of a medical practioner. However, such a step should only be taken in extreme cases where other simpler methods are not working.Computer Games can be constructive and fun only as long as they are a passion. Once they begin to affect our day-to-day lives, it’s time to reconsider the amount of time being spent on these games. With a conscious approach towards games that keeps games and realityseparate one can enjoy the games and not let it affect our daily lives.

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